At last count I had seven cameras, two of the digital, one SLR, one Instamax, and three toy cameras (one that looks more like a juicebox than a camera)newJuice_1024x1024

Yet, there are always times when I find myself stuck without any of my cameras and I only have my phone ready to go. In those times, I use VSCOcam. mzl.wkclexje I was introduced to VSCO through their film-like presets made for Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw. I’ll often use them to edit photos in a hurry or to add an interesting layer to a bit of video work. When I heard they had an app for phones, I downloaded it right away. They recently released a new version of the app a bit before iOS7 arrived, so it’s better than ever, and it’s free!

VSCOcam provides film-like presets and a significant amount of editing power (saturation, fading vibrance, grain, upping and lowering shadows or highlights, vignettes, crops, the list goes on) for such a tiny machine. The app also grants you more control when taking photos. The coolest feature to me (and other excited camera lovers) is the ability to set separate focus and exposure points within my frame (and you can quickly return to the single focus/exposure point with a double tap on the screen). IMG_5425-576x1024 IMG_5424-169x300

While the app itself comes preloaded with plenty of dope presets, you do have the option of purchasing 16 different preset packages (usually at 99 cents, though recently they had a sale of all 16 presets for 6 dollars total).

IMG_5429 IMG_5427-169x300

The other enticing feature of VSCOcam is their user photo sharing community, VSCOgrid. You can create an account and share your own photos made through the app, or discover new folks to drool over. IMG_5437 I also recommend checking out VSCO’s blog as they’ve got several helpful tutorials for editing better photos using their presets, and it’s always exciting to see the potential of a new tool like this. You can tell that VSCOcam was designed by folks who like to look at beautiful things, because it is a beautifully designed app. I find that it runs a bit slow at times on my iPhone 4, so I use it primarily as an editing and sharing tool, instead of as my main camera.

images are from the very great review here.

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