New Poster Printer Reservation System

poster-printing-torontoStarting today, we’re moving our Poster Printing Reservations to LibCal, the system we use for study room reservations.  Our hope is that this system is easier to use.

We are now printing 10 posters per day (instead of only 7) and you can now reserve a slot up to 1 week in advance (instead of only 36 hours)

If you’re already familiar with reserving a study room, the process is identical.  If you’re new to this, here are some more detailed instructions:
To Make a Poster Printer Reservation:
1. In your web browser, go to

2. Choose the date you wish to print your poster (Maximum 1 poster per day, up to 1 week in advance) from the calendar widget on the left side of the screen.

3. Click on one of the available poster slots (marked in green). If there are no green slots, all posters are booked for that date and you should choose a different day.

4. Scroll down and click the “Continue” button.

5. Enter your full name and Penn or CHOP email address. The name you enter should match the one on your Penn or CHOP ID card.

6. Click the check box acknowledging that you will confirm your reservation via a link sent to your Penn email address.

7. Click the “Submit my Booking” button.

8. Check your email and click on the confirmation link.

9. Click on “Yes” on the webpage that opens.

10. On the day you print your poster, bring your PennCard or CHOP ID with you to the Vitale Digital Media Lab.

* We will do our best to help you print at the time of your arrival, with allowances as needed for handling other patron needs.

* It can take up to 30 minutes to prepare your poster for sending to the printer.

* Posters are generally ready for pickup the same day, but we do not guarantee this.

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