Better Face-to-Face Time – 2013 Symposium

slider on wic siteRegister now for our 2013 Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium! The symposium is designed for faculty, teaching staff and graduate students. We have a packed agenda that starts with a student panel followed by a faculty panel. After an informal lunch, we plan four concurrent workshops and a lightning round. We end the day with an “open mic” segment participants can share their favorite tech tools and ideas.

The symposium will take place on Friday, November 1. We welcome all students to share their perspectives, and we are looking for five undergraduate students for the student panel. Let us know if you might be interested!Titled “Better Face-to-Face Time”, the symposium will discuss the “flipped classroom” and courseware. Here is the basic premise:

Face-to-face time for Penn faculty with Penn students is precious, and faculty are increasingly reconsidering what happens during this time. Some faculty are exploring activities that engage students with practices in the discipline during class time so faculty can guide students in the moment. New courseware and online learning technologies can help us improve face-to-face time. Faculty can now create high-quality content for students to explore before entering the classroom. The “flipped classroom” metaphor is attracting attention around campus, as is the new Structured, Active, In-class Learning (SAIL) program. Some questions emerge for faculty:

  • How can technology change what happens in the classroom?
  • How can we best use our face-to-face time with students?
  • How can we support all learners during face-to-face time?
  • How can we ensure that students do what is needed out of class to be fully prepared during class?

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