Photo Week – 6 Days of Free Online Photography Workshops

PhotoWeek_640x360Welcome to Photo Week.  CreativeLife, an online resource for photographers, is broadcasting 6 days of educational workshops streamed online for free from September 16-20.  They’re offering so many workshops, actually, that they’ve had to break them up into 3 channels of offerings from over 50 instructors. They’re broadcast LIVE, so you need to watch them on their schedule, rather than just anytime you’re free, as you might do with a YouTube video.

“CreativeLIVE Photo Week is our love letter to photography,” says co-founder Chase Jarvis. “We have an incredible lineup of rock star photogs in the mix for this event — people who inspire our industry and are simply brilliant at sharing their knowledge with the world.”

Some of the workshop topics include:

  • The Documentary Portrait
  • The 90 Minute Roadmap to Commercial Photography
  • Make GREAT Images With The Gear You’ve Got
  • Creative Composition
  • Fashion Photography Business Crash Course
  • Introduction to Toy Cameras
  • Setting up your Photography Business
  • Texture, Dimension, Mood, and Moments
  • Newborn Photography
  • Lomography and iPhoneography
  • Documentary Storytelling and Photojournalism
  • Basics of Studio Lighting
  • Maximizing Your Compact Camera
  • Basics of Lenses
  • Night Photography: No Light? No Problem!
  • Editorial Food Photography

Check out the details and watch live online at

If you want to learn more, has several good courses on various aspects of photography.  Just ask us to log you in and you can watch free training videos all day long

You can also drop by the Vitale Digital Media Lab and ask questions, as many of us who work in the lab are also avid photographers in our copious free time.

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