Public Speaking Swagger

CWiC Advisor Arielle Pardes shares some thoughts about their Speaking Center at WIC (Walk-in hours start at the end of September.):Pardes

Imagine strutting into your next presentation with the confidence of President Obama, cuing a PowerPoint so seamless that each slide harmonized the words you said, while you delivered a speech so powerful that your classmates literally perspired with awe. This is exactly what we do in CWiC: we give you public speaking swagger.

Communication Within the Curriculum (affectionately known as CWiC) is the single best public speaking resource at Penn. Managed by a team of student advisors like myself, we offer student-to-student advising services to polish and perfect your public speaking. Whether you’re presenting your latest research or speaking informally for a crowd, we can help you say what you need to say—with style.

cwicSo how does it work? CWiC operates on three different levels:

1. Affiliate courses. CWiC pairs up with specific courses (find the full list here) that include public speaking standards. Typically, the coursework will culminate with a final presentation, and an assigned CWiC advisor will work with you and your classmates on the organization, visuals, and speaking components of the presentation.

2. Workshops. Whether or not you’re enrolled in an affiliate course, you can still skyrocket your speaking potential with our workshops. We offer workshops on topics like handling nervousness and using effective visual support.

3. Speaking Center. For help with any speech—like honing a thesis presentation or rehearsing a keynote address—you can drop by our Speaking Center, located in Weigle Information Commons. Our team of talented advisors is available to work with whatever you need through our free (yes, free!) advising services.

For all of your speaking needs this school year, CWiC has you covered. With our help, you’ll not only learn to speak with clarity and poise—you’ll learn to speak with swagger.

To get started or learn more information about CWiC, feel free to send an email to or visit our website.

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