The dust has settled. Now what?

dust on a computer monitor
Dust, settled. From flickr user Floater Ya-Ya.

Congrats on surviving the first two weeks! We are so excited to see WIC packed with students again. Now that the dust has settled a bit, we wanted to remind you that WIC staff are here to help you use technology to get organized and get stuff done. Below are a few to-dos to keep you on track this semester:

  1. Apply for a job! WIC is hiring students to work at the WIC desk and in the Vitale Digital Media Lab.
  2. Download the Canvas app! You may have heard that Penn is making the switch from Blackboard to Canvas this year. Keep up with your courses and readings with the free Canvas app for iOS and Android.
  3. Configure AirPennNet on all your devices! You can find instructions for all your different gadgets on the Penn Computing website. Tip: We’ve noticed that iPhone/iPad/iPod users setting up AirPennNet for the first time MUST use Safari to navigate to the setup page. Chrome users, don’t worry! You can use your favorite browser once you’ve connected for the first time.
  4. Print from your laptop! You can install drivers for all library printers online. No more frantically logging in to a library computer five minutes before your assignment is due.
  5. Back up your files! You’ve got a few options for backing things up, but storing files on the cloud is one of the simplest. Did you know that Penn offers all faculty, staff, and students 50 GB of free cloud storage space on Penn+Box? Want to learn more about Penn+Box? Come to a workshop on September 20.
  6. This one is a meta-to-do: Figure out all of your to-do lists and learn to organize your tasks! Come to our Tools, Not Toys workshop on time management apps TONIGHT to learn how to manage your calendars and plan your semester. Can’t make it tonight? Check our schedule for workshops later this semester.

Looking for more to-dos? Check out a great list of must-have resources from our friends at Apps on Tap.

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