Ciao Chao!

chaoWe recently bid farewell to Chao Xiang, our desk intern and resident Excel expert for the past two years. Chao has started an exciting new job in Manhattan.

During his time here, Chao shared Excel tips at dozens of workshops, and helped build our Excel Guide. We heard rave reviews about his teaching, and people routinely came to sit next to him for one-on-one Excel assistance at the WIC desk.

Working with Chao was such a pleasure for all of us. He staffed the WIC desk as well as the Vitale Digital Media Lab, and met every request with enthusiasm. I remember fondly when he coined the motto: “WICshops – we leave no patron behind” for his Excel Basics workshops.

I asked Chao how he keeps up to date on new Excel techniques. He described to me in fascinating detail his elaborate process for browsing YouTube tutorials. He starts with a complex search string, and then looks over the cover image and descriptions for the videos found. When a video passes this screening, he then watches a few seconds at the beginning and in the middle. Only after these preliminaries does he decide whether to watch a tutorial video.

We’ll be planning out Excel workshops for fall semester soon – do let us know your suggestions. (Maybe we will ask Chao to consider a virtual visit!)

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