Digital Humanities Workshop Series

This guest post was written by Rebecca Stuhr, Coordinator for Humanities Collections at Penn Libraries, with assistance from Dot Porter, Caitlin Shanley, and other collaborators in the workshop series.

This summer the Libraries are offering the first four sessions in a new set of workshops in the Digital Humanities Series. These follow several tools-based workshops offered by Mitch Fraas over the past year and will dovetail with workshops offered by Penn’s Digital Humanities Forum beginning this fall. The workshops are designed with library staff in mind but are open to the Penn community. We are looking forward to a collaborative learning environment, so plan to share your ideas, experience, and knowledge about scholarship in the digital environment.

The first four sessions will be taught by Libraries staff and collaborators, and will focus on Qualitative Research, Collaboration Theory and Practice, Practical Open Access, and a general tour of Theories, Methodologies, and Tools. If you tried to register earlier and were unable to, please try again! We have opened up additional seats.

Interested in registering or learning more about the sessions? Check out!

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