Goodbye Yuting!

image of WIC staff
Lindsey, Anu, Caitlin and Yuting, posed according to Yuting’s specifications.

This month we said goodbye to Yuting Wang, a WIC Desk intern who completed the TESOL program at Penn GSE this past May. Yuting joined our staff in March 2012. She brought great energy to her work at the WIC desk. She taught our Prezi workshops and helped out at WIC events like the annual Penn International Experiences Festival (see a photo of her handing out raffle tickets here). Yuting also wrote for our blog, including a great post about her experiences doing research at Penn back in May.

Not only has Yuting left Penn, but she is no longer on this continent! Yuting is going on to work as a classroom teacher at Western International School of Shanghai, in her home city. While her students are lucky to have her (and I’m sure her family is happy to have her back!), we will definitely miss her enthusiasm and her smile here in the Commons.

image of WIC staff
Yuting and David, hanging tough.

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