Ask and You Shall Receive

jonathan_leungJonathan Leung, a senior in Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, has been working on a programming project, analyzing Khan Academy user data. Since his project requires him to have multiple windows open simutaneously, it was crucial to be working with a larger display, so he came into the lab a while back hoping to connect his laptop to one of our 27″ monitors.

The problem was that he couldn’t figure out a way to take advantage of the full resolution of 2560×1600 that his Mac Book Pro laptop was capable of. We tried DVI and HDMI adapters, but the best resolution we could get was 1080p.  (Not bad, but not good enough for his purposes) Then Jonathan asked if we had a mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter.  We didn’t have one, but I told him I’d order one for him.  And I did.

Jonathan came into the lab today and was very happy to discover that using the new cable, he could get the full resolution–and I have to say, it looked great on the large monitor.

He said (and I quote): “You’ll be seeing a lot more of me here in the lab this summer.  You have the nicest, most helpful staff.  Everyone should get promotions!”  (I swear I’m not making this up.)

The mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable is available for you to use, too.  Just ask the lab consultant on duty.

And if you have suggestions for things you’d like to see in the lab, be sure to let us know–either in person or drop an email to

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