WIC iPads in Action @ PennDesign

Each semester, participants in the WIC iPads in the Classroom Project wow us with new and exciting ways to use iPads for teaching and learning. This spring, several courses in Fine Arts, Visual Studies and Architecture used our iPads to display innovative student work in exhibitions. Professor Carla Diana borrowed two of our iPads for students in her course Design of Contemporary Products: Smart Objects, which challenged students to design everyday goods enhanced by information technology. I attended her students’ show and was very impressed by their work. Below are a few images of “ReVITALize: Corrective Gym Assist,” which was the project that incorporated the two WIC iPads. Students Mia Kim and Matthew Schultz used the two tablets to display video content within their prototype. ReVITALize is a device designed to help gym-goers prevent injury by analyzing their movements.


Smart Objects Project - PennDesign

Smart Objects Project - PennDesign

Visual Studies iPads Project

Congratulations to these students on their amazing project. We can’t wait to see where our iPads end up next!

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