Staff Retreat Photo

retreatOn May 10, all of us headed over to the Education Commons for our first-ever staff retreat. We (gasp!) closed down the Vitale Digital Media Lab. Jes Sokolek from Human Resources was our amazing facilitator – and she snapped the photo at right.

We were all surprised by how much we had to say. The three hours sped by. Although normally we are a highly digital group, we really enjoyed working with scented markers and multi-color post-it notes. There was much laughter, especially about the need for “mouse showers”.  We realized how rare it is that we all get to sit together, have lunch and chat informally.

We used the SPOT Matrix method to organize our thoughts. Lots of ideas emerged on how to improve what we do here at the Weigle Information Commons. Now we have a road-map and plenty to do over the summer.

We ended the retreat with a small celebration, to congratulate our three graduating interns (Marie Jaquish, Chao Xiang and Yuting Wang) and Nick Salvatore who has accepted a new job in SAS Computing.

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