Toddler Alert

Our PennWIC Blog turned two years old this month. I found it a fitting tribute that on the last day of April, today, David Toccafondi and Caitlin Shanley shared blogging ideas with colleagues at a Penn Libraries Social Media Gathering. So lovely to watch the blooming of blogs all around Penn Libraries!

PennWIC began with posts inherited from the Vitale Digital Media Lab blog. So our blog is two but our oldest post turns seven this September – almost as old as our space.

I launched PennWIC in April 2011 after a suggestion  from Peter Decherney. I did it with trepidation, wondering – would we have much to say? And if we did, would anyone want to read it?

bloghitsI need not have worried. We had so much to say that we just hit 800 posts. And many people found our words worth reading. I had fun this afternoon plotting our views in Excel.

Are you curious, as I was, about our top five posts of all time? Here they are:

  1. Google Maps vs. Bing Maps
  2. Converting your Indesign document into an e-Book
  3. A Review of ipad Styluses
  4. Announcing our ipad Program Report
  5. Over a million downloadable movies

Last year, when PennWIC turned one, we shared a Pinterest board. This year, we began exploring Instagram. We have had sixteen regular contributors and many guest writers, especially the Hoesley students. Our desk interns post regularly now and our newest intern Xu Li just wrote her first post.

Recently, a colleague asked me to describe the focus of PennWIC. A difficult question to answer! With so many voices and so many technologies, it’s hard to capture the essence. Some of us are casual, blogging about personal style, body decoration and cat photos. Some of us are technical, blogging about video codecs and character styles. Some of us wax philosophical, blogging about self-mashups and well-being. We celebrate the work of others, and occasionally indulge in blatant self-promotion. Still, I did draft a program statement and would love to get your comments.

So what’s next for PennWIC? We are considering some fancy themes – the Responsive theme is in the lead at this moment. I am hoping to attract more student posts like the recent CamScanner one. What would you like to see here at PennWIC? Please let us know.

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