Divorce Infographics

divorce infographicMy fascination with infographics continues.  Yesterday, Lindsey showed me a Pinterest board she’d come across that collected infographics specifically about divorce.  It’s really interesting to see not just the variety of sub-topics within the “Divorce Infographic” genre (same-sex divorce, celebrity divorces, dating after divorce, child support, and even a holiday guide for divorced parents), but also the variety of ways in which the data itself is conveyed.  Most, as expected, are very statistical, but others are quite anecdotal in nature.  (Some, like the “Notorious Celeb Divorces of 2011” graphic, are downright gossipy even.)  There’s a good mix of charts and graphs, line art, photographs, and well-designed text.

Good infographics have a few common characteristics: First and foremost, they make you want to read them. They’re interesting to read–even if they’re on a not-so-interesting topic.  They’re eye-catching.  They use color well.  They’re usually graphical as well as text-based. And most importantly, of course, they effectively convey the relevant information to the reader.

Most of the 20-or-so infographics on the page have these qualities.  Check them over and get ideas for your own infographics, posters, and flyers. And remember we’re here in the Vitale Digital Media Lab to help you out along the way.

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