“Own the tech you use”

You might remember our three student videos post from last February. Continuing the tradition, I’m glad to share our YouTube Playlist with short excerpts from the student panel at the 2012 Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium. Here are a few comments that stood out for me:

  • If you can own the technology you are using, it’s like night and day. – Aaron explains how faculty perspectives can affect student reactions in the Ownership video.
  • Much as I would like to be that person, I’m not. – Taylor discusses faculty expectations of an ideal student with a super-human attention span in the Facebook use video.
  • He would say – whip out your laptops. – Dylan talks about effective use of BlackBoard blogs for in-class group activities in the Course Experience video.
  • You would be appalled – Aaron describes student distraction during lecture in the Laptops During Class video.

My thanks to Peter Decherney for facilitating the panel, the five students – Scott Dzialo, Taylor McLendon, Dylan Petro, Linda Schnolis and Aaron Wilson – for sharing their perspectives, and Lindsey Martin for the expert video-editing.

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