Join us for Gadget Day on Friday, April 26

gadgetday_toprightbox611x298(1) Register now for our spring Gadget Day! We collected gadget ideas from around campus this spring. It will be a fast-paced day with lots of devices to explore.

Caitlin Shanley will start the day with SlideShark, an app that controls your PowerPoint from your iPhone. Charles Washington from Penn GSE will show the Swivl, a clever way to video-record a pacing presenter. Oliver Jenkins, who  recently wrote about CamScanner, will share his favorite apps, and Chris Martin will discuss Kelly Writers House experiences with Google Hangouts on Air.

Ted Moskalenko will present an overview and hands-on play with tablets and mobile devices from Amazon, Google, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Dell and Microsoft – and Adam Preset will show how Penn+Box works on these devices. David Toccafondi will demo our new eBeam – perfect for the flipped classroom and for MOOC work. We’ll end the day getting ready for the weekend. Catherine Odson will share fitness ideas, and Nick is excited to show off our new GoPro.

We will web-stream the sessions through Google Hangouts on Air so you can watch from anywhere – check the Gadget Day page for details that morning. In addition to our presenters, we would like to thank the many people who helped organize this Gadget Day including Celeste Stewart and Michael Herzog.

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