Simplifying Your Course with Blackboard, Pre-Finals Edition

Spring is finally here (for now, at least), and finals are right around the corner. Blackboard can help simplify the final weeks of the term for both students and instructors. Here are some ideas for using Blackboard during the rest of the semester:


  • Use the assignments tool to collect final papers and return feedback to students electronically. (Directions)

  • Create a practice test for students using the Blackboard testing tools. Blackboard tests also work well for small scale distributed exams, but we do not recommend giving large scale simultaneous exams in Blackboard (such as an in-class exam). (Directions)

  • Download your grades from the Blackboard Grade Center and easily submit them to the Registrar as an Excel file. (Directions)

For more information about using Blackboard during Finals, stop by our office hours or email us at

About Catherine Odson

I'm the Courseware Support Librarian at Penn. I support faculty, students and staff using Blackboard and other courseware systems run by the Libraries.

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