The Dude is Down

dudedoor copy

[Update: The Dude is up and running again, as of 4/8/13. Thanks to our Systems/iTadd department for their help getting everything working. Sorry for the inconvenience!]

We’re having trouble with our networked “User Storage” drive, which we in the lab affectionately refer to as “The Dude.”  We’re working on getting it back online, but in the meantime, there’s no ability to save your files to the Dude, or to access the ones that are already there.

We do lend USB thumb drives and hard drives, if you need to move your files from your lab workstation to your computer at home, but we don’t have many, and I expect them to disappear quickly, so grab one while they last if you’ll be moving large files around.

Another option available to Penn students, faculty, and staff is Penn+Box, basically Penn’s version of Dropbox, and they provide 50GB of storage for FREE.  Uploading to Penn+Box will be time consuming if you’re transferring large video files, but it’s better than not backing up your work at all.

As always, please don’t leave your files on one of the workstations in the lab and expect them to be there when you come back.  Those files are erased regularly to make sure there’s enough hard drive space for everyone who uses the lab.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but hopefully the Dude will be abiding again sometime soon.

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