WIC Staff: Technology Will Not Catch On

After almost seven years serving as a hub for technology and new media on the Penn campus, Weigle Information Commons staff came to the difficult realization this morning that this whole “technology” thing isn’t really catching on. “We put in a noble effort,” said David Toccafondi, who runs the Digital Media Lab–soon to be converted to a new space containing typewriters, making it the most technologically advanced area in the WIC, “but there is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home*.”

Architectural sketch of the new WIC space

Over the coming months, the WIC space will be retrofitted to better serve our users’ needs. The computers and screens in our booths and group study rooms will be removed from our space, and replaced by pads of paper, pencils and even books.




We will continue to offer workshops to assist the Penn community with productivity and creativity. Our monthly sessions on Photoshop, WordPress and Excel will be replaced by Daguerreotype Basics, Penmanship and Advanced Abacus Use.

One of our new WICshop handouts

We look forward to moving on to the next exciting chapter in the life of WIC!

*This quote is actually from Ken Olsen, founder of the now-defunct Digital Equipment Corporation. Read his and other misguided and funny quotes about technology here: http://technologizer.com/2009/11/09/great-tech-quotes/

3 thoughts on “WIC Staff: Technology Will Not Catch On

  1. Best “joke issue” I’ve seen, but where did you get that beautiful card cabinet? I’m almost out of scrap cards. Send some over! MargaretR


  2. Hi Margaret,
    We’re glad you enjoyed the joke! The card catalog pictured in the Penn Libraries’ Facebook post is actually here in Van Pelt in our reference area. But the cards there are not scrap yet, so we’re holding on to them for now!


  3. My catalog “scrap” cards get noticed! In the grocery store, especially. As in “what is that?” Soon, I will be one of the last users of catalog cards — except for VP Reference? I can’t believe it.


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