Designed in the lab – Jacqui’s tattoo

The concept
The Photoshopped image
The final tatoo!

A couple weeks ago, Dr. Jacqui Sadashige came into the lab and told us that she planned on getting a tattoo, and she wanted our assistance in creating the design in Photoshop.

Jacqui teaches cinema-based courses for Penn’s Critical Writing program (but she’s  also known for her abilities teaching Astanga Yoga, Spinning, and
other forms of fitness.) We’ve worked with Jacqui extensively on various projects for her classes, and we were really excited to help her work on her tattoo!

The tattoo design originates from an anti-ivory campaign, and a powerful piece of graphic art by New York artist, Asher Jay.

Here in the lab, Nick helped her use Photoshop to extract the elephant from the design, and put it into a form her tattoo artist could use. Check out the progression from the original artist’s concept, to the work Nick and Jacqui did in photoshop, to the final tattoo (which she had done by Bill Stevenson at Have Fun Be Lucky Tattoo in Baltimore.)

A very big thanks to Jacqui for sharing these images with us and allowing us to post them on our blog.

Tattoo artist Bill Stevenson works on Jacqui's tattoo.
Tattoo artist Bill Stevenson works on Jacqui’s tattoo.

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