CAMRA Media Festival – Feb 24

This guest post by Arjun Shankar describes Penn CAMRA’s upcoming media festival, which includes an afternoon panel about our experiences with Lisa Mitchell’s South Asia Studies classes:

We are really excited to let everyone know about Penn CAMRA’s first annual media festival, on Feb 24 from 12pm to 7pm at Annenberg School for Communication.  CAMRA, a media pedagogy lab, is a new collective of professors, graduate, and undergraduate students on campus which focuses on the use of film and other media technologies – web platforms, social media, etc – towards university learning and research.  We know that university learning is currently at a crossroads: we’re all still reading and writing in classrooms even though most students on campus, including all of us, are immersed in video and web technology when outside of the classroom.  We are extremely interested in working with anyone who wants to learn the technical aspects of these diverse media, how to integrate them into classroom learning, or how to infuse such technologies into research.  The media festival will bring together members of the Penn community and scholars from around the country to begin these discussions in earnest. We really look forward to seeing you all as we begin to create a strong community on campus!

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