Sharing Study Abroad Experiences on a Cold Winter’s Night

Saudi Arabia 2On a particularly cold night in late-January, WIC was hopping with food, warmth, and a plethora of travel stories at our annual Penn International Experiences Festival. It was our most popular festival to date with about 200 attendees. We welcomed 60 presenters who shared their experiences studying abroad in six continents and 29 different countries. Presenters were available to chat in the different booths and rooms marked with country flags, and students walked around to visit nations to gather information about studying abroad. Kelly Cleary from Career Services and Ancil George from Penn Libraries made presentations and we also learned about the new student magazine Stamped. Some presenters dressed up, adding a touch of authenticity to the event! And, last but not least, students enjoyed a great variety of food (so sorry for the long lines!). Check out our Flickr set for more pictures of the evening.

Our presenters had some fun memories to share. They wrote:

“Someone coming up to me who said “you have 5 minutes to convince me to go to ____. Go!”

“After I had finished describing my home country [country name], I received a fair question. The questioner was wondering if I had come all the way from [country name] to just represent my country in the festival. I smiled a little bit then I started talking about my goals as a student in the U.S..”

“I really enjoyed talking to the other students who had been abroad, like me, and comparing our different experiences.”

We would like to thank all presenters and students who attended, as well as our campus organization sponsors. Safe travels to all those venturing abroad in 2013!

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