Zero Client Computer at WIC

Zero ClientWe now have a Zero Client computer – right behind the WIC Desk.  What does this mean, you may ask? Simply put, a Zero Client computer has no local computing power – it runs off a remote server.  The set up is similar to other computers in the library. It should look and feel like other computers in the building, with a few differences as mentioned later.

So, log in with your PennKey and help us kick the tires!  Let us know what works well, what doesn’t, or any general questions or comments you may have. You can send email to Thanks for helping us test out this newest tech addition!

One advantage of Zero Clients is that they are managed centrally. So if a computer crashes unexpectedly, you can log from another computer and continue your work. Updates and new software can be installed remotely, so Zero Clients should be easier to keep up to date.

Some fine print about the Zero Client:

  • Runs Adobe CS5, due to licensing restrictions from Adobe. All other WIC computers run CS6, the latest version. 
  • The NVivo interface will look a bit different from other library computers.

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