Visual Literacy with Jung Lee

We had a great turnout at our Winter Break Lunch for faculty last week. Our guest presenter, Dr. Jung Lee, Professor of Instructional Technology at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, junglee prezishared a Prezi with ideas on how to incorporate visual literacy expectations into assignments in different disciplines. She gave several examples on what to avoid. I laughed out loud when she shared a graph where a student had sorted three sets of data on student achievement, numbered them and graphed them in comparison to each other – first generating a pattern and then discovering the same! She also shared an amusing photo of an out-of-business interior decoration business with rather unusual color sense.

The faculty attendees had several suggestions for WIC in terms of followup. They wanted to emphasize that visual literacy is gained by revising a graphic after feedback, similar to what happens in writing classes now – with peer review of writing. So why not explore peer review of graphics and presentations – before the presentations are finalized and shared in class? David Toccafondi dug out this great post on value added from February. We talked about the importance of telling stories with our graphics (instead of sprinkling them around wherever there might be some white space), and taking time to move from large chunks of text (that we may feel a bit possessive about after we author them) to visuals that make it easy on the learner. Stay tuned for more blog posts that build on visual design concepts like the alternative resume idea from this summer.

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