Creating a Vacation Video with iMovie

Welcome back to campus! Hopefully you all had a great summer and you got lots of great photos and video footage of your vacation. Now it’s time to put it all together into a video you can share with your friends and family. Enter’s new course on Creating a Vacation Video with iMovie.

This course shows budding videographers how to create vacation video with the friendly tools in iMovie ’11. It illustrates some basic camera techniques and strategies to use when recording video and how to edit the footage together to create an entertaining, fast-paced highlights reel. Author Abba Shapiro, an award-winning producer and director, also demonstrates how to grab the viewer’s attention, organize and edit the footage, and add music, transitions, and still pictures to round out your story. The final chapters show how to improve the look and pacing of your videos with special effects, such as themes, picture-in-picture effects, and freeze frames.

Topics include:

  • Capturing the moment
  • Adjusting settings in iMovie
  • Cutting and editing the video
  • Reducing background noise
  • Adding and mixing music
  • Cropping or fitting a photo to the video frame
  • Correcting color
  • Stabilizing shaky video
  • Creating a split screen
  • Changing video speed

And of course we’re here in the Vitale Digital Media Lab if you get stuck at any step along the way. So be sure to stop in if you’d like to watch the training videos here in the lab, or if you’d like to edit your videos here, or if you need a helping hand getting up to speed with iMovie.

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