Scanning to an Editable Document

Have you ever scanned a page from a book or other printed material and then wanted to edit the text? Adobe Professional X will allow you to scan and edit a PDF through its OCR capabilities.

OCR stands for optical character recognition. Basically, you can take any pre-scanned document like an article, essay, etc. and the program uses an internal library of characters, letters, spaces and numbers to “read” and create an editable document. All of the WIC computers have Adobe Professional X.

For more information from Adobe’s website on creating editable documents click here.

We also have one scanning station with Readiris. Readiris allows you to scan tables and graphs and output them into Word, Excel and other editable files. This is useful when using previously printed data in your own research.  Readiris supports over 130 languages. Scan a book in French and convert it to an editable English document! Whoa!

Fore more information on Readiris, click here. 

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