Student Showcase – Commodity Videos

I’m very happy to announce the 2012 Student Showcase for Lisa Mitchell’s South Asia Studies class from spring semester. The showcase includes curricular materials and six noteworthy videos selected from over 75. We congratulate the students whose work is featured!

Each student chose one commodity to profile – with video, images, music and commentary. Students then watched each other’s creations and voted for their favorites. All of us here at WIC helped with this class and we became fascinated with the topics students chose – quinoa, crawfish, mercury, rum, etc. Students explored a wide variety of technologies – iMovie, Jing, PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, SnapZ Pro, and more. There were many technical glitches to overcome, video/audio difficulties and conversion issues, but after the dust settled, it was truly amazing to see the results. I hope you enjoy the student videos as much as I did. In closing, I want to thank Samantha Barry for pulling together this showcase. Sam has just finished her internship here and we wish her the best for her new position as Research & Instructional Services Fellow, right here at Penn Libraries.

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