Civil Rights Road Trip

Earlier this month we met with Penn Ph.D. candidate Rachel Guberman to discuss how we could help with an upcoming project.  She and another teacher were taking several middle school students on an 8-day “Civil Rights Road Trip” through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, giving the students a chance to experience first-hand the places and people they’d previously only studied in the classroom.  We lent some audio and video equipment and made suggestions regarding the use of WordPress and Google Maps to make the experience more interactive for those who weren’t able to experience the road trip in person.

Rachel studies metropolitan growth, political culture, and race in the 20th-century United States.  Drawing on this expertise plus her background as a producer at National Public Radio, she prepared the students to interview civil rights veterans during their expedition.  The end product was a WordPress blog that documented their trip with reflections, interviews, maps, photographs, and oral histories.  You can take a look at the blog and read more about their journey at

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