M’Aidez – A Stop-Motion short by Jesse Turnbull

A big congratulations to our own Jesse Turnbull, who recently finished this short stop-motion piece after months of work (and too many hours to count, he says).  It is best viewed in HD if your computer can handle it. Also, listen with headphones, as some of the sounds are rather subtle, but be careful, it starts very quietly and gets louder.:

Its apparent simplicity disguises the amount of time and effort that went into creating it. Fortunately, Jesse documented the process of creation in his blog.  Check it out to see photographs, sketches, reference photos, animated GIFs, and “making-of” videos he created along the way (check out the detail photos of the hands–created from scratch with credit cards cut into tiny pieces, glue, and bent wire, and totally posable).

And of course be sure to check out more of Jesse’s work (video, illustration, publication design, awesome hand-made robots, and more) at http://www.jesseturnbull.com/

Also, if you’re interested in creating your own Stop Motion, or simply want to know how it’s done, check out http://www.stopmotioncentral.com/ for tutorials, examples, links to free software, and more.

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