Is “prezify” a real word?

Earlier this month, Prezi (one of our favorite web-based presentation tools here at WIC) introduced an option to directly import PowerPoint slides into your prez-entation. But one of the best things about Prezi is that it allows you to think outside the linear structure of a PowerPoint slideshow, so I started to worry…wouldn’t this make a Prezi into just another PowerPoint presentation? Prezi’s answer to my conundrum: “prezification:”

image of prezifying machine

Okay, so maybe that diagram isn’t the clearest, but thankfully Prezi also offers an instructional video on transforming an old school slideshow into a more visually interesting representation of your topic. Starting from around the 1:00 mark, this Prezi staffer gives some good tips on using the canvas to display relationships and create something your audience can understand from a distance.

So, whether you’re a Prezi fan (or whether you think it’s okay to keep making up new verbs by adding “ify” to everything…) or not, this new tool seems to me to be a call to action to presenters. And while I would never go so far as to say PowerPoint is evil, maybe it’s time we all start thinking outside the slide a little bit. Testify, er…prezify!

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