Have You Been Storified?

WIC on StorifyDid you participate in our April Gadget Day or  THATCamp@Penn? Perhaps you posted a pithy observation, or live-tweeted? If so, you might be featured in our most recent foray into social media: Storify.

Storify creates annotated narratives out of what would otherwise be ephemeral blips of content. For our THATCamp story, we’ve pulled in Flickr photos, tweets about sessions, and reflective blog posts. For our Gadget Day story, we had fun with candy and coffee. The content is structured in a timeline format, but unlike the dynamic timelines of Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, a Storify story is static – perfect for preserving a snapshot of a single event’s buzz.

Look for our next Storify after our August 22 Gadget Day (save the date now!) and please do join us for our June Storify WICshop. We’re looking forward to chronicling an eventful summer at WIC. Have you added Storify to your suite of social media tools? Let us know what you think!

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