Borrowing the New Projection Screen

The newest addition to our equipment loan program will have you screening movies like a pro, whether in the classroom or in a dorm. We’ve just purchased a 39 x 70″ portable projection screen which, in tandem with a projector, essentially turns any space into a home theater.

For the entire movie experience, borrow a projector and the screen from our equipment lending program. You may also need a cable adapter, depending on your laptop. Hook up your laptop to the projector, set the projector on a desk or table facing the projection screen, and adjust your height as needed. Please only use the screen indoors.

Setting up the screen is incredibly easy – it only takes about 30 seconds to set up, and even less than that to take down. See the video below for a walk-through of the process.

Word to the wise – don’t forget about that first step of swiveling out the feet for the screen’s base. This precaution keeps the screen from falling over. During one of the video takes, I forgot to do that and nearly toppled David Toccafondi, Coordinator of Services for the Vitale Digital Media Lab, and Educational Technology Librarian Caitlin Shanley.

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