THATCamp is tomorrow!

THATCamp Penn logo

I know what you may be thinking….THAT-what? THATCamp is a new kind of (un)conference, where attendees come together to collaborate within a non-hierarchical structure. There are no presenters, speakers, or panelists – every participant (or “camper”) comes prepared to share his/her knowledge and learn new things.

Inspired by last year’s THATCamp Philly, a group of Penn folks from across campus got together to set up THATCamp@Penn. The day promises to be a productive day with lots of brilliant folks sharing new ideas – just look at the list of attendees! Want to join us? It’s not too late. You can register, free of charge, at If you don’t get a chance to register online ahead of time, please join us in Fisher Bennett Hall tomorrow! You can sign up while you’re there and get in on a great conversation.

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