College Palooza 12-Hour Challenge!

WIC had so much fun yesterday at College Palooza 2012!

In case you missed it, our 12-Hour Tech Challenge is now underway. Penn undergraduates can participate until midnight tonight. Exercise your tech skills by participating in one or all of the following challenges:

Data Literacy: We have provided a spreadsheet with data. You can pick which parts of the data you would like to focus on. Submit a visualization in PDF format of no more than 3 pages. You can create a chart, an infographic, analyze the data, write a story or present your thoughts in any format you wish.

Video Literacy: We have provided three video clips. Submit a video of no more than one minute duration that includes at least some part of all three clips. Please upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo, and email us the link. If you choose to password-protect your video, please include the password in the email submission. You can add any content (music, titles, video, etc.) that you wish. If you need any assistance uploading videos, please stop by the Vitale Digital Media Lab for assistance.

Visual Literacy: We have provided five photos. Submit an image in Jpeg format that includes at least some part of all five photos. You can add any images and content you wish.

Stay tuned! We’ll be announcing the winners on April 23!

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