Adding YouTube content to your Blackboard course site

Using YouTube videos in your Blackboard course site can add a lot to a class — instantly bring in guest speakers, demonstrations, documentary clips, and more.

The Mashups tool makes it easy to include YouTube content in your site without sending students to YouTube to view it (and potentially losing them to hours of cat videos).

To add these types of files to your course site:

  • Go to a content area and select Build Content > Mashups.
  • Select YouTube Video.
  • Search for the video you wish to add.
  • Once you have found content you wish to use, click Select.
  • On the next screen choose your settings for the mashup and click Submit.

Clicking on the Watch link under the video will let users view it within Blackboard.

How a YouTube Mashup displays in Blackboard

For videos that aren’t findable through search (i.e. those that are only viewable to users with the URL), you can still share the link for the video by going to Build Content > URL and setting the link to open in a new window.

The Mashups tool also can be used to post SlideShare presentations and Flickr photos, incorporating valuable open Web tools into Blackboard.

About Catherine Odson

I'm the Courseware Support Librarian at Penn. I support faculty, students and staff using Blackboard and other courseware systems run by the Libraries.

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