Jacob Finkel – Seltzer Reflection 2012

When I applied for the Seltzer Family Digital Media Awards, I had no idea what an amazing experience was in store. The opportunity it gave me to explore a project of my own interest and to use cutting-edge media technology was fantastic. I was able to get access to lighting and audio equipment that I would never have had for my project otherwise; the flexibility and support the Award and WIC staff gave me were really what made my project possible.

I wanted to explore a project which developed from my research on the Roman orator Cicero. With the support of the Seltzer Award, I was able to get the equipment I needed to film a time-sensitive exhibition in the Italian town of Rieti, and capture that remarkable footage. The support and guidance provided by the WIC staff and the amazing resources of the Vitale lab were such a great help as well; I learned so much through the process, and am still benefitting from the horizons the Seltzer program opened for me.

The Seltzer program is a wonderful opportunity for students with all different kinds of goals; I would strongly encourage anyone with an interest in digital media and a project that would benefit from these resources to apply!

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