PixelWIC – Exploring LearnSpace

Thanks to John MacDermott from SAS Computing, we are excited about LearnSpace, a new program from Pixelture. We’ve just added this to the WIC Seminar room. Now, windows from many computers can be shared on the projector screen over wireless internet.

Shared screen using windows from multiple computersThe program is simple. The client is free to download. Our seminar room has the cool address pixelwic.library.upenn.edu – once you connect, every window gets a small “share” button on top. When you share a window, it lives on a “shelf” where everyone in the room can access it easily and rearrange the layout. The image at right shows three windows from different machines shared on one screen.

A class of 20 in the seminar room could connect to LearnSpace, with each student’s project window shared – perhaps an image in Photoshop, a browser window or a PowerPoint presentation. All 20 windows could be placed on the LearnSpace shelf by the students, and anyone who wants to moderate the conversation could drag and drop  combinations on the screen for comparison. No need to take turns to connect to a long VGA cable, or share files via email or flash drives. Pixelture has video examples of uses.

LearnSpace works on Mac and PC laptops (a PC server is needed). Though the program does not support iOS  or Android devices yet, Pixelture, the makers of LearnSpace, has hinted at future support – which might be a fun addition to our iPad pilot.

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