Julia Wolfe – Hoesley Reflection 2012

Before beginning the Hoesley program I was most excited to learn about graphic design and creating my own website. What I realized from our sessions about both of those though is just how big, complex and time-consuming they both can be. I couldn’t believe all the work that went into the designs that the WIC staff had created when they explained them to us, and it was frankly a little daunting. But it was really the principles and ideas of design that they discussed that I think stuck with me most–it was almost like a secret code that made me look at designs on things like posters and books a little differently.

As for the website, what I really took away from making one was how much of a process it was. Before, I had assumed that you simply create a website, maybe with a lot of work, but when you’ve done what you wanted to do then you’re simply finished. My own experience with my WordPress site has been the exact opposite. I change something and finally feel good about it, and then realize that that’s not in fact how I want it. And part of that process I realized involved quests for seeking help, which in itself could be a lengthy process. But now that I’ve learned this, I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll probably never be fully satisfied with what I have, and part of the fun–and educational–part of it is the process of editing it.

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