How can good space design nurture learning?

In December, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro announced the first issue of a new publication the Journal of Learning Spaces. This journal starts to formalize the interest in recent years in how good space design can nurture learning. Information Commons and other informal learning spaces have mushroomed in libraries all over the country.  Colleges are busily transforming traditional learning spaces such as lecture halls and classrooms. I have found this process of re-imagining space as an integral part of pedagogy interesting.  I enjoyed John MacDermott‘s blog post about “sitting still and being obedient” after attending a colloquium organized by the new Learning Spaces Collaboratory created at Project Kaleidoscope.

The first issue of Journal of Learning Spaces includes an article “New Media: Engaging and Educating the YouTube Generation” by Marjorie Hassen and myself that discusses projects that the commons has participated in, including some successful mashups. WIC facilities are also featured in Elliot Felix‘s article titled “Learning Space Service Design.”

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