Promote yourself with an alternative resume

Want to make your resume stand out from the rest? That’s what Wharton student Alice Lee decided to do when she created an interactive website as her application to work with image editing/social photography/all around cool app Instagram.

screenshot from alice lee resume site

By taking advantage of her tech skills and using visual representations of her experience and talents, Alice has created a unique application that looks nothing like Times New Roman on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. No official word yet on whether Instagram has given her a position, but (while I do not condone skipping class to create a website) I wish her the best of luck!

Other folks have used different tech tools to create engaging resumes and job applications. One great example comes from Hanna Phan, whose “presume” (that’s presentation+resume) helped her get a job with the online presentation platform  SlideRocket. Check out their presume templates to make your own. Another way to let potential employers hear your unique voice is to create a video resume. But be careful – making a video takes time, and there are some special considerations to keep in mind when you want to create and share video. Mashable has a few helpful tips on creating video resumes, and remember you can always come into the Media Lab for video creation and editing help!

There are lots of other alternative resume formats out there for job seekers. Some of my favorites include VisualCV, LinkedIn, and Have you seen a stunning resume recently? Let us know in the comments.

And remember, while technology can help you stand out, it’s the content of your resume that really counts. Check out the Penn Career Services online workshop on Marketing Yourself Effectively for tips on how to choose what information to include and present it effectively.

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