Windy Tam-Hoesley Reflection 2012

My name is Windy; I am a junior in the college majoring in Communications. I had no idea what I wanted to do post-graduation when I applied for the Hoesley Digital Literacy Program last year. I just knew that whatever career path I choose, skills and knowledge with web design, and various computer software and programs are vital and that I lack some basic computer skills.

We met once a week for an hour during the fall semester. Each session is split in half; we receive a tutorial in the first half, and apply what we just learned in the second half. The class structure is very flexible and tailored to the students’ need and interest. We had a special WordPress session because many of use chose it as our website’s host and encountered some problems. The staff at WIC and Vitale Digital Media Lab has been immensely helpful and are critical to the development of our website.

I designed my website through WordPress, but unfortunately, it is still under construction and is not ready for publication yet. One of the hardest parts in the process was starting the website, that is, choosing the platform (Google Site, Tumblr, or WordPress) and a theme. I tried with all of them, but I ultimately chose WordPress because it seemed more intuitive (they are all good ones to use with a lot of resources and help available, I would experiment with the other ones in the future). The next hard thing was to choose a theme. WordPress has many themes available to suit each kind of personality and web theme. I changed it multiple times in search of something that has personality but is professional at the same time. Then, I have to decide what information I want to have available to my website’s visitors. I have the menus in place, but I am still collecting content to fill the pages up. I learned that a blog is not a good addition unless one has time to update it on a regular basis, so I changed my home page to a static “About Me” page. The process has been fun and worthwhile. I gained many skills from the Hoesley Digital Literacy Program that I can apply immediately in my activities and assignments. Even if you cannot commit to the Hoesley Program, I encourage you to attend WICShops and the Vitale Digital Media Lab when you run into problems. “If you think something is too complicated and you are going through too many steps, there is an easier solution” and Weigle has the answers.

Thank you so much!

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