Value Added

A student came into the Vitale Digital Media Lab earlier this week looking for some assistance.  She had created a poster that she would be presenting at a symposium (I love symposia), and she wanted to have a handout for people who came by so that they could take some of the relevant information about her and her research with them (which is a great idea, btw).  She had already designed a half-sheet flyer, but she wasn’t happy with it, and wanted to know if we could help her make it better:

So we talked with her about her goals for the flyer and about her research itself, and we suggested (among other things) using color (preferably the same colors she used in her poster itself), breaking the information into smaller chunks, adding a photograph that was relevant to her topic (she decided she wanted to use a photo of a doctor with a patient), and to keep it simple.  After she re-worked the handout, she was much happer with the new design:

Remember we’re here in the lab to help you with your projects.  Just as in this case, we won’t do it for you, but we’ll show you how you can do it yourself, and give suggestions along the way.  Stop by and see what we can do for you.

A big thanks to the Leah Brown, who let me share her “before and after” story! You can see Leah’s poster and more at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, tonight from 6:30pm-8:30pm in Houston Hall.

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