Penn International Experiences Festival 2012

Student proudly wears the UK flagWe had a wonderful time at this year’s Penn International Experiences Festival, and hope those who joined us did as well! On January 18th, the Weigle Information Commons buzzed with nearly 200 attendees, all hoping to learn more about living abroad. Scents of samosas, potstickers, and fajitas wafted throughout the Commons, and festival presenters representing almost 30 countries helped to pack our study rooms and booths with eager listeners.

Sponsored and supported by many organizations on campus (including Tangible Change), the International Experiences Festival has taken place annually since 2007. The annual event allows students to pose questions related to living, working, and studying abroad to those who have already enjoyed the experience. Conversations range from exploring cultural differences to securing international internships. Egypt, China, Botswana, Nepal, Turkey, France, and Argentina were only a small sampling of the nations represented by Penn travelers, with each study room or booth housing one or more countries. Several Penn organizations also hosted tables at the event, including Penn Career Services, the Penn Women’s Center, and the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center (LGBTC).

We’ve posted photos from the International Experiences Festival on our Flickr photostream – look for our video to be up soon!

A presenter displays material related to Tanzania.

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