New faces, new roles

It’s with a bittersweet feeling that I write this post to describe the many staffing changes here at the Weigle Information Commons. You will see many new faces on our staff page and a long list below of what we have decided to call our “staff alumni”. We bid “bon voyage” in September to Sarah Jacoby as she headed out to San Francisco and said “why, hello again!” in October to Nick Salvatore who had worked as a student in the Vitale Digital Media Lab for many years and returned as a part-time lab consultant. We had tearful goodbyes in December for Jesse Turnbull, Nancy Bellafante and Stephanie Miller. Jesse and Nancy have been pillars of strength for the Commons for several years, and have personally touched almost every aspect of our work.

In January, we welcomed our new Educational Technology Librarian Caitlin Shanley, who began presenting workshops almost immediately. We welcomed two new desk staff interns Cait Gerrity and Marie Jaquish. With so many new faces and a busy new semester, there is much to share and celebrate.

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