Voiceover PowerPoint – an easy way to make an argument

Lisa Mitchell described at the Engaging Students Through Technology 2011 symposium how her students have create screen videos by adding a voice commentary on top of a PowerPoint presentation. Her students examine how commodities like coffee and chocolate move across countries and cultures. The technology can be easy – make a PowerPoint presentation, hit record on Jing, and talk while you advance the slides. Her presentation video, curricular materials and two examples of student work are on our showcase page.

We received many comments from symposium attendees eager to try similar projects. One faculty member wrote, “I was inspired by Lisa Mitchell use of screen videos in her class and am going to see if I can adapt it for my small animal nutrition course or case-based exercises.” Another commented, “I really enjoyed Dr. Mitchell’s presentation – her story and demeanor. I would like to take her class!!” Lisa’s Fall 2011 class is undertaking a similar assignment now, and we have enjoyed helping her students explore the intricacies of Jing, SnapzPro and Prezi here at WIC.



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