Scanners in WIC

We have updated the selection of scanners now available in WIC – you can scan small and large documents, slides and film. We have flatbed scanners, sheet-fed scanners and our newest addition – the BookScan. The flatbed scanner and sheet-fed scanner along the window side of the Commons are attached to PCs – you can scan in PDF or image format, and then save files to a USB flash drive or share via email. The film and slide scanners are in the Vitale Digital Media Lab.

Our newest machine, the BookScan, does a lot of tasks automatically and brings new BookScanmeaning to the term “ease of use”. The touchscreen gives you options for quality which include high-resolution images and searchable pdfs. The Bookscan includes a flatbed scanner designed especially for books (with a slanted edge to protect book binding) and a document scanner that does double-sided scanning with automatic sheet feeding (a great choice for a stack of papers).

You can rotate and crop images and documents once they’re scanned in, and the flatbed scanner auto-detects the size of your original, so it’s easy to get a good scan of a picture without lots of whitespace around it. The scanner fixes pages if they are askew. You can send the files to a flash drive, to email or your GoogleDocs account.

There is no cost to use our scanners. Come in and try them out!

You can find two additional BookScans in the building – one in the Research and Consultation Area on the first floor and one in the Lippincott library on the second floor.

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