Safe landings for the iPads first flight!

Students outside on the grass with iPadsOur iPads  just returned Wednesday night from their first classroom loan to the Integrated Studies Program under the care of Lisa Messeri and Devin Griffiths. The first year students used 28 iPad2s to create videos. Working in pairs, they interviewed each other about the topic of identity. The iPad’s iMovie app enabled them to edit videos right on the device. Students shared their final projects with classmates through the Media Server run by SAS Computing which connects to Blackboard. We are relieved to have this first loan go smoothly and feel more ready to take on future class projects.

How does the iPad-Loaning Program work?

Outside with the iPadsFaculty contact the WIC staff and we brainstorm about good project uses for the iPads. We can add apps to meet disciplinary needs, and we can load PDFs and other documents on the devices before the project. Our goal for the pilot is to explore how iPad2s might work in course contexts at Penn. Typically iPads will be distributed and collected at a class session by WIC staff. While out on loan, students are welcome to use the iPads freely, connect them to personal iTunes accounts etc. Our iPad cart wipes out all personal and course info prior to the next loan.

What’s up next for the iPads? The Big Apple.

Students in a freshman writing seminar are taking the iPads to a conference in New York City. They will play a scavenger hunt game, using the iPad to take notes during sessions, snap photographs and interview presenters.

Thinking about reserving the iPads for an upcoming class project?

Check out the iPad pilot website and stop by to look at the devices in the Weigle Information Commons. You can email us to set up an appointment. The calendar is wide open after November 1.

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