Anna Adler – Hoesley Program Reflection

My name is Anna Adler and I was a participant in the first year of the Hoesley Digital Literacy Fellow Program. As a Visual Studies major in the College of Arts and Sciences, I had some background experience in programs such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign through the Fine Arts course, Digital Design Foundations. My main reason for pursuing the program was to enhance my digital skill-set. I was in the process of interviewing for full-time jobs for after graduation in the digital and online media industry, so I wanted to stay up-to-date with the changing software in this particular field.

For the Visual Studies major, we had to present our thesis topics multiple times throughout the course of the year to our teachers and classmates. Specifically, Hoesley’s Prezi session was especially insightful, and as a result, I learned an entirely new way for presenting my information in a more visually interactive display. In addition, I learned about a variety of basic short cuts and other simple tasks in programs that I initially thought I was completely proficient, such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Word.

I used to be intimidated by the thought of building my own website. Through the Hoesley program, I realized how easy it was to create one through both Google and Apple software. Consequently, I became much more comfortable when I would have to teach myself how to utilize different types of programs that were new to me. For example, I had to create a Tumblr page for my Visual Studies Thesis. The Hoesley program prepared me to take on such a task that I had never been familiar with before. Check it out here:

I especially would like to thank the wonderful staff that helped make this wonderful program possible. It was an incredibly valuable experience that significantly added to my wonderful times at Penn.

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