Ruani Ribe – Hoesley Reflection

I’m Ruani Ribe, a member of the first cohort of the Hoesley program. Initially, I joined the program in order to sharpen my skills with various software programs, and to learn more about design and online collaboration tools. I was also interested in being able to work with and learn from a small group of other students who shared similar interests. I like that the Hoesley Program allowed me to get my feet wet. Microsoft Excel and website-building, for example, both seemed fairly daunting, but introductions to the basics of each of these things and their capabilities gave me working knowledge of both and a level of comfort that I was able to use as a jumping off point to explore each further.

I was most excited to have the opportunity to build my own professional website, a chance to apply and showcase my interests and skills that I learned throughout the program, and with the information we were given on various design elements and website hosts, I was finally able to create a website that I feel successfully conveys who I am. Before the program I had been familiar with HTML and CSS, and with the resources that we were provided, I was finally able to put them to use.

The skills I have picked up and sharpened over the course of the Hoesley program can now be displayed confidently on my resume, and in the future, I know where to look for resources if any of my skills need brushing  up. Further, my professional website will be a great resource in my upcoming job search, and I plan to continue to develop it as time progresses.

To see my completed website, follow the url below!


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