Tayler Sorenson – Advice for the 2011-12 Hoesley cohort

My name is Tayler Sorensen and I participated in the first cohort of the Hoesley program. Although I’d had previous experience with some graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, I had never gotten near anything that had to do with the internet. I was amazed to find the new software I was introduced to throughout the fellowship was not actually as scary as I had feared it would be. For example, I had never even heard of Prezi before last year. Now I know it is an eye catching and user friendly alternative to Powerpoint for all kinds of presentations. You can even make a resume with it! Here’s one Prezi I liked.


Knowledge of programs like Prezi, Excel, and the Adobe Creative Suite make all the other skills you have look even more attractive when applying for jobs or graduate school. When I applied for my Master’s program at Carnegie Mellon University, there was a whole section of the application where I had to list what programs and software I knew how to use.


I was also very pleased to find how simple it actually is to build a website through Google Sites, iWeb on Macs and blog websites. In the Hoesley fellowship, I learned how to upload pictures and make multiple albums to showcase my portfolio of graphic design work, how to link to other sites, and use templates to change the mood of my website. Although my website is not yet finished, here are some interesting blogs and professional websites I like:


Exploring other people’s professional websites can be very educational and inspirational. They can give you ideas of what you’d like to do or even show you what techniques don’t work in practice. That’s another great part about the Hoesley fellowship-the cohort setup allows you to share your work with other people and get constructive feedback.
Have fun and good luck!
– Tayler

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